Up - Whitepaper English


This is a Utility Token and its whitepaper is for informational purposes only. Its content is not a sales promotion, nor an offer of securities, financial securities or the receipt of dividends. Read this document carefully to find out how the project works.
Potentials of interest should carefully assess the risks and uncertainties associated with encryption, external impact factors, in addition to understanding all the information contained in this document before taking any action upon the business.
The purchases and/or exchanges of tokens involve risks of partial or total loss of their values, and there are no guarantees of liquidity or values ​​by Lunes Superblock Prestação de Serviços Financeiros LTDA (Lunes), as well as the possible existence of a secondary market for tokens.
Tokens under no circumstances constitute financial instruments or security tokens, and do not bring with them any rights that may be commonly associated with securities, financial instruments and/or security tokens.
The purpose of the tokens serves the purposes designated in its whitepaper, and Lunes is not responsible for any intention or speculative use of the tokens. Trading and transactions of tokens executed on platforms controlled by Lunes, or on third-party platforms, as authorized, will be subject to the terms and conditions of the respective platform.
In order to access the funds, the user must always have his 12-words english key (also known as Seed) in possession and security, which are generated after registering on the platform.
Any loss, incorrect spelling and backup of these words are the sole responsibility of the user.