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3. What is Token?

It is a digital asset issued within a blockchain that can represent anything, whether physical or not. It can be divided into small fractions of the assets and, with this, it generates more accessibility and ease of commercialization.
There are currently several types of tokens, see some examples below:

Utility Token

The Utility Token has the function of being useful in a network or application. It does not need to be just a token for the store of value and can give the right to actively contribute to the system.

Security Token

Security Token is mainly used by large corporations to raise money from investors. By holding this type of token, the investor receives dividends, part of the profit or interest rate from corporations.

Payment Token

Payment Token's main function is to store value and transfer capital. The vast majority of cryptocurrencies are classified in this modality.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

NFT's function is to represent unique and rare things. Can be used in: artwork, music, videos, photos, cars, jewelry, etc.

Fan Token

The Fan Token is used to bring the fan closer to the club. In addition to being marketable, it can generate new forms of revenue, greater brand exposure, creation of reward systems, official store discounts, cashback, voting rights and much more.