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9. Espilacopa game

Espilacopa is a Card game integrated with Blockchain technology and NFT elements. Produced in partnership with studio 36X.
Its story takes place in a galaxy far, far away at the ends of our universe, set on a giant planet called Urck that is full of endless beauty.
The planet is orbited by 12 moons that beautify the nights of the sky, on this earth there are two realms: the Lampe known as the day realm and the Nacht as the night realm. Nacht is ruled by Dowr, an evil being who is preparing to take over the entire world of Urck when the great planetary alignment arrives. The event of the great frost and darkness that lasts a thousand years will also come to the planet, this event occurs every 3 thousand years.
To survive the event, the people of Light need to ignite the Great Light that stands on the floating mountain called Mallets Manitutam. For this, it will be necessary to unite the relics of the five elements: earth, water, wind, lightning and fire that are guarded by guardians and that are passed on from generation to generation.
Game symbology
But four of the five relics have been lost by their guardians and they will band together to rescue them before the great eclipse. The wise elder of Lampe has gathered the guardians on a journey to find the relics around the world, but the Nachts also seek them and will do anything to capture them.
Preview of cards
Within this game, you will be able to:
Choose your guardians to protect and expand your territories;
Having the freedom to rent cards and monetize by lending cards to beginner players or those who want to have more competitive decks for temporary battles;
Participate in a collaborative scenario, with the game focused on a card system and with ballast in NFTs.