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6. Games Market

Games are structured activities, practiced for recreational purposes and in some cases are part of educational instruments that are used to convey a message to players (winners and losers).


According to the Game Brasil 2021 Survey, 72% of Brazilians like electronic games, 9% more than in 2019.
Source: Game Brasil 2021 Survey


Total revenue was $175.8 billion in 2021, according to data from consultancy Newzoo. The consultancy estimates that in 2023 the industry generated more than $200 billion.
Source: Newzoo

Games for PC and Console

In the next few years the drop in PC games could be up to 2.8%. The segment generated $35.9 billion, with $33.3 billion for downloaded games and $2.6 billion for browser games.
The outlook for a decline in Consoles could be as high as 8.9%, representing $49.2 billion.

Mobile Games

In 2021, the consultancy reported that the movement in mobile games reached $90.7 billion, a growth of 4.4% in the year.


The term is used to classify virtual game competitions, which can be broadcast via TV or the internet. The competitions are held in face-to-face or online format and dominate the gaming and technological world on a global scale.
The most common types of games to have eSports are:
  • MOBA (Multiplayer Battle);
  • FPS (First-Person Shooter);
  • Cards;
  • Battle Royale;
  • Simulators;
  • Fight.
According to data provided by Newzoo - the most reliable source in the e-sports sector, in 2019 there was a revenue of $957.5 million, 2020 registered a small drop of 1.1% and in 2021 there was a growth of 14.5%.
It is estimated that in 2024 the sector's revenue will reach $1.6 billion.
eSports revenue. Source: Newzoo