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6.1. NFT Games Market

NFT games have become popular every year, they are responsible for connecting common people to the cryptocurrency universe in an easy and dynamic way and generate several business opportunities.
Its operations are completely or partially architected on a blockchain network. Players can trade items acquired on their journeys with each other, and for this it is necessary that they connect to digital wallets.


  • Transparency: thanks to the transparency of blockchain systems, in particular the use of smart contracts (which are self-executing contracts), all players can audit game rules;
  • Property: in most games players own their items and characters and can trade them at any time;
  • Creations: it is possible to create content and share it with other users to strengthen the relationship with the game;
  • Reuse: some games may also give you the option to reuse content created elsewhere.

Market capitalization and volume

Total capitalization. Source: Coinmarketcap
Trading volume. Source: Coinmarketcap