Using the Subwallet Extension

Introduction to Subwallet Extension

The Subwallet Extension is a versatile digital wallet that supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polkadot, and other Substrate-Based Chains. It's a popular choice with over 60,000 downloads, offering functionalities for storing, receiving, and transferring tokens across different networks. This makes it an attractive option for those in the Lunes Community looking to manage various digital assets.

Installing and Configuring Subwallet

1. Download the Extension:

- Visit the Subwallet.

- Click on 'Extension' to be redirected to the Download

2. Choose Your Platform:

- On the download page, select the appropriate platform under the 'Extension' section.

3. Follow Installation Process:

- Follow the described process to install the Subwallet Extension on your browser.

4. Importing an Account:

- After installation, open the extension and select 'Import an account'.

- Choose 'Import from a seed' to import your Lunes account using the seed phrase.

5. Account Setup:

- Click Import account, ensuring that Substrate is selected.

- Create a secure password for your account and click Continue.

- Remember to keep your login information and passwords safely noted.

6. Seed Phrase Input:

- Select the 12-word option and enter or paste your seed phrase.

- After successful import, you'll receive a confirmation message.

7. Network Configuration:

- Click on Menu (top left corner) and select Manage Networks

- Click on the '+' sign to add a new network.

- Fill in the required fields:

- Provider URL: wss://

- Price ID: `lunes`

- Block Explorer: ``

- Save your settings.

8. Accessing Lunes Network:

- The Lunes network will now be available in the 'Manage Networks' section.

- On the main screen, Lunes will be visible, allowing you to check your balance and perform transactions.

Tips for a Smooth Experience

- Ensure your internet connection is stable during the setup process.

- Be patient as network recognition might take a few minutes. If you encounter an error, wait and retry.

- Regularly update the Subwallet Extension to access new features and security enhancements.


The Subwallet Extension is an excellent tool for managing various cryptocurrencies, including Lunes. Its ability to support multiple networks makes it a powerful asset for those looking to diversify their digital asset portfolio. With your Subwallet now set up, you're well-equipped to handle your digital assets across different blockchain networks.

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