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4. What is Lunes?

Lunes is the largest blockchain technology company and cryptocurrency in Latin America and the African continent, created in a decentralized manner and with full transparency. Has more than 4 years of expertise in the cryptoeconomics market.

A very important factor is that Lunes has an ESG process for both its own blockchain network and the formatting of very demanding tokenization projects. All projects undergo a careful assessment of the business model, as well as that of the people responsible, in order to outline projects of great value to the network and whether this converges with its values.

The Lunes consensus network is ecological and has a low energy expenditure for block validation. Due to the LPoS consensus, excessive energy expenditure and high computational processing are not required and this generates excellent scalability.

The Lunes blockchain is prepared to store and guarantee the security of any type of information. This enables the use of this technology to perform various processes in a decentralized manner.

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